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Residency Information

**Please Note** For the 2022-23 school year the residency verification process is required only for students in grades preschool - 5th.  All residency documents must be uploaded in the student's parent portal.  Original documents do not need to be provided to the district office.


Welcome to the Martinez Unified School District!

Proof of residence is required at the time of enrollment and when a family changes address.  Annual residency verification is required for all students.  Verification by items from each of the three groups below are required*:

  • Group 1: Parent/Guardian Picture ID 
    • driver's licence
    • state issued ID
    • passport
    • consulate issued picture ID
    • voter credential
    • military ID
  • Group 2:
    • current property tax bill with parent name and property address
    • rental/lease agreement (including property address, names of occupants, name and phone number of owner/manager)
  • Group 3:
    • current state or Federal tax returns with W-2 or 1099 attached (business returns do not meet residency requirements)
    • current payroll/check stub with name and current address
    • current dated correspondence from a government agency not used in Groups 1 & 2

*If you are living in a residence owned by another person, and you are not leasing from this person, you will need to provide the owner's verification of residency documents and both of you will need to complete the Shared Residency form.  You are still required to provide your photo ID and an item from Group 3 for your verification of residency.  Email for assistance with Shared Residency.

All documents submitted must be current original documents.

Residency is based on where you live, not what property you own. Bills, purchase agreements/contracts and deeds are NOT valid residency verification documents.

Joint Physical Custody: If custody is held jointly by two or more persons, "custody" means the physical custody of the child.  For purposes of residency for parental joint custody, whichever parent has the student for the greatest percentage of time during the school year will determine residency.  If the case of 50/50 joint physical custody, the family may decide in which school district to enroll the student. (Welfare and Institutions Code section 17.1(b))

School assignment and/or classroom space will not be reserved until all required documentation has been submitted, reviewed and verified.  Please scan your original documents and upload to your computer prior to beginning an online enrollment application or submitting an online address change. Documents should be scanned as individual files. Scanned documents should be in PDF format. The file name should be parent last name, date of upload, and type of document (Smith120522ID or Smith120522W2). Please be sure that your uploaded document is not saved with punctuation (i.e., comma, period, or other non-alpha-numeric character). If you are using your cell phone to scan your documents, and have a lease agreement or other document that is more than one page, there are free apps that provide scanning multiple pages into one document. You can search your phone's app store to find these apps.