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Submitting a Work Order

MUSD Work Order Site 

The Martinez Unified School District maintenance, grounds and custodial staff will begin using SchoolDude’s “Maintenance Direct” to respond to work orders completed by any MUSD staff member. Online work orders can be submitted and tracked from any internet location (or phone with installed app) with the assurance that it will be routed to the appropriate individual for response.

The new work order site is accessible in a variety of ways:

• Go to the MUSD District Website. Click on Staff Resources. Click on Submit a Maintenance Work Order. The link will take you to My school building page where you will need to register. You will then be able to input your work order or check on the status of an open work order.  

• Download the SchoolDude App from the Play Store or App Store by searching SchoolDude. After downloading the App you can login with your login and name and password (after you register).  You will need the school account number and work order submit password found on the How to Register and Enter a Work Order document located under staff resources.  

Work Orders are excellent for entering requests of the following nature:

• Custodial issues (room not vacuumed, spot on floor needs to be cleaned, pencil sharpener needs replacement,dispensers not filled on a regular basis, etc.) (custodial)

• Lights are burned out (custodial)

• Evidence of “late night visitors” (i.e. ants or mice) (grounds)

• Heating and cooling system doesn’t appear to be working (maintenance)

• Roof leak (slow, not torrential) (maintenance)

• Other general maintenance items (window blinds aren’t working, marker board needs to be hung, etc.) (maintenance)

• Delivery of equipment, chairs, risers and tables (event set up – maintenance)

• See helpful hints below for specific delivery instructions

New Work Order Login Page

A new login process is now in place for the submittal of all work orders. The link provided below will direct you to a new login page. You will still need to login under Staff Resources on the MUSD Website. From there you will click on the link that asks if you want to submit a maintenance work order. If this is the first time you are entering a work order into the new system you will need to create an account. Please refer to the guide sheet sent to all staff for the account number and directions.

Helpful Hints & Videos (each under two minutes in length)

Entering a New Work Order (video)

Maintenance Direct Requester Guides - Provides videos for Registering, Login, Submittal of Work Order, Status of Work Order and Requester Login Help. 

When submitting a work order be sure to:

Select the correct location, area and room number. Make sure it is the location where the work needs to be completed or where the delivery materials need to be picked up.

Choosing the right craft helps our custodial, maintenance and grounds crews respond faster. In some cases, it automatically routes the work order to the person that is best able to handle the issue. Think in terms of “what needs to be done” rather than “who will do the work” (we’ll route it to the right person).

INTERNAL DELIVERIES is used for deliveries that are needed WITHIN your building or site.

EXTERNAL DELIVERIES is used for larger deliveries BETWEEN buildings or sites.

• For a few boxes, light in weight, please use the intra office delivery that is provided through Food Service (no work order required).

• You should allow at least two business days prior to the delivery date to allow coordination and location of the required materials. Indicate the location where the items need to be picked up in the “LOCATION” field.

• If you’re requesting tables, racks of folding chairs, portable risers or stages or scissor lifts, select “Operations Center” in the “Location” field.

• Provide a description of the materials and the location/area that are to be delivered to in the “DESCRIPTION” field.

• Finally, if the materials need to be returned, a separate work order will need to be submitted for the return trip.

CUSTODIAL is used for general cleaning/stocking items.

• Areas that need to be cleaned

• Dispensers that need to be filled

• Classroom trash cans that need to be emptied

• Spilled items that need to be cleaned up

• Pencil sharpeners that need replacing

GENERAL MAINTENANCE is used for general items that need to be installed or repaired (flooring base, repair a window, etc.).

WASTE MANAGEMENT is used for trash and recycling dumpster issues, not “empty my trash can”.

Use the more specific crafts (Alarm, Electrical, Lighting, Plumbing, etc.) to provide better information for the maintenance crew.

• When entering a description, be brief, stick to the facts and avoid emotional and editorial comments.

• “The sink in my classroom needs to be cleaned” or “The thermostat was reading 84 degrees at 9:00 AM” provides better information than “My sink is sooooo disgusting! A pig wouldn’t even wallow in it!!!” or “It’s so hot in my room that I think I just saw Tarzan swing through!!!!”.

Attach a file. A picture, quick video or sketch is worth a thousand words! If your description does require a thousand words, attach a document. If you have more than a couple photos, zip them and attach the single file.

Please plan ahead! “ASAP” is neither a calendar date nor time and does not mean, “NOW”. More complicated issues may take longer to resolve.

Changing a work order. You can’t cancel or make changes to a work order once it has been submitted, BUT you can send a message from within the original request.

• Click the “My Requests” tab, find the work order that was submitted, select the name of the person that the work order has been assigned to and provide any additional information necessary. An email will be sent and it will be attached to the original work order that the technician sees.


Please contact the Business Office with any questions. Thank you in advance for your patience as we roll out this new website. 925-335-5938

Workflow Illustration: What happens once you submit a work order?